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L&G accessories  carry a range of products that span a wide price range to suit every budget. However,

price is not the only aspect that matters, getting the maximum performance from every dollar you spend is moreimportant. Why do we say that?


It is assumed that the best products are necessarily expensive and for this we have to agree. However, the best sounding systems is not because of the use of expensive products but a system that is properly designed with regards to electrical integrity, proper component matching, proper speaker placement and finally, expert tuning. Skimp any of these steps and the system will under-perform. You would not like to spend $5000 to get $1000sound dont you? We feel the same way too!

Conversely, we strive to maximize the performance of every dollar you spend with us. It does not matter if    it were to enhance an existing system, or a complete system rebuilt, we have the expertise to make the best of any system at any price point. If you want value, we believe in giving you the best system that suits  your budget! Thats value!

Sound competition is one of the best ways to judge an installers skills in system matching, installation and tuning. We train our installers by sending their workmanship for competition and let the expert judges decide if we meet the highest standards. Well, lets just say, we passed the test, time and again. Our trophies in the showroom are the strongest testament of our commitment to give you the best bang for the buck.



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MYAUTO accessories