MYAUTO accessories




                                                       established in 2002 and specialized in the car accessories & services.                                                               recognized as a quality service provider. This has been proven by its

customers base who are prestigious car owners of Audi , Bentley , Ferrari , Hummer , Jaguar , Mitsuoka ,

Porsche , Rolls-Royce and other popular cars.


L&G car accessories forward-looking cutting edge automobile concept, be it to optimize auto outlook

design, auto security system , audio sound system and more is in perfect harmony with customer

auto's acoustical environment and customer personal preferences. Be sure to consult our professionals

in the early stages of your automobile interior and exterior project planning. We provide expert design

advice and personal individual attention to ensure complete satisfaction from start to finish.


BEST WORKMANSHIP - We employ a highly trained and motivated team of professional installers to

bring up to date the latest technology or material used in auto accessories.  We wants to be a one of the

leading auto accessories sales & service industry in Malaysia. Our mission is to provide quality product

and excellent services to ensure our customer satisfaction from start to finish.






Tel 082 -577 569


Hp 016 886 6388


Address Jalan Dogan, Sunny park, Batu


Kawa, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia







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